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About Homeovox

HOMEOVOX - Singing girls from the north of Poland

HOMEOVOX  is a name which, in fact, means in Poland a potent, homeopathic cure for a sore throat and some time ago it was deliberately chosen as the name for the group.

HOMEOVOX consists of several girls, but the number of them changes each year as well as the girls. It is due to the fact that some of them are pupils in a secondary school and each year some of them take so-called Matura exam (a final examin-ation) and leave school.

A few of them are students and still cooperate with HOMEOVOX.

The vocal group meets after lessons one or two times a week at school (I Secondary School named for Maria Skłodowska-Curie) in Tczew. The city itself, not far from Gdańsk, is situated in the north of Poland, on The Vistula River and has over 60,000 inhabitants. It is an important junction, an area of business activity and a place of numerous cultural events.

The girls have developed a real passion for music and singing. Not having any professional background nor knowing notes, the girls have been performing all the songs by ear. The musicians playing in the group have also put a lot of effort to prepare the instrumental versions of accompaniment.

The group has already recorded two CDs in a professional Direct Studio in Tczew.

One of them, entitled Już  za rok matura, is a result of their hard and full of devotion work in 2006. The other one, Pod prąd, covers the most important songs the vocalists worked on in 2007. The pieces of music from both CDs were parts of a few performances including music and poetry, prepared each year by the vocalists and pupils from school.

Everyone can find something interesting for them while listening to the recordings. Why?

There is a wide range of music styles to choose from: soul, jazz, rock, folk and pop. You can find songs originally sung by Sting, The Gipsy Kings, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Vaya Con Dios or by Polish singers such as Krzysztof Klenczon, Ewa Bem, Danuta Rinn. There are also two pieces of music (Wieczorna fala [Evening waves] and Kołysanka dla Anusi [Cradle-song for Anusia]) composed by the leader of the group, Agata Demidowicz (a teacher of English and a guitar player). The latest recording  was possible thanks to a session musician Michał Szczeblewski (drummer) and a young and talented Piotr Kowalski (bass player). The group would like to express their gratitude to Iwo Dylkiewicz for his permission for using his artistic photographs of Tczew (they are inside the CD cover).

The group performed at many concerts at school and during some cultural events in Tczew as well as in Gdańsk, with the example of a concert during the celebration in The Central Maritime Museum (March 2007) when Conrads, the international awards for the greatest sailors and for outstanding personalities, were given.

More ambitious music, not necessarily the newest trends, and hard work is the groups motto.

Here are the singers that until December 2007 worked in  the group: Ania Kraj, Magdalena Marulewska, Kasia Okuniewska, Magda Piwońska, Magda Demidowicz, Kasia Szreder and Magda Chrzanowiecka, Martyna Tomasik. Guitar players: Agata Demidowicz and Kamil Chojnowski, a young and gifted  man having the gift for improvisation.

If you would like to see some photos of the group, please, click on GALERIA (Polish version)

If you would prefer to listen to some excerpts of the songs, click on DYSKOGRAFIA (Polish version)





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